Gresham Little Theater

740 SE 182nd Avenue

Gresham, Oregon 97233

Gresham Little Theater is a volunteer-based theater organization developed by and for the east suburban community.  The theater provides both entertainment and education, especially through the process of participating in various aspects of theatrical production.  Its expansive range of opportunities include year-round offerings in theater, dance, music and the literary arts. Gresham Little Theatre’s goal is to increase community appreciation and involvement in the theatrical and related arts.

To perpetuate education in and creation of theater, dance, music and creative writing
To provide the community with a healthy form of social interaction for all ages and abilities
To present theater arts as a positive and entertaining form of social expression.
To promote cultural diversity as it enriches our community.
To enhance the region’s economic stability through the provision of the arts
To encourage the free expression of the individual while engaging the community.

Gresham Little Theater will commit itself to providing services and productions to the best of its ability.
GLT will encourage diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the organization.
GLT productions will strive to be appropriate for all viewers, entertaining, educational, and environmentally sensitive.
​GLT will make every effort to offer services and productions that are affordable and accessible to all members of the community.

​A Brief GLT History
The Gresham Little Theater concept grew from numerous requests that the Gresham Recreation Department offer acting classes for youth and adults. Founders Michele Brouse Peoples and Lee McPherson developed the concept in conjunction with other members of the Gresham Little Theatre Roundtable.

​Over time, Gresham Little Theater grew to offer four full productions a year with continuing youth and adult classes, and a full summer theater camp program. We have added dance, magic, music, clowning, puppetry and art classes, to make us a full service performing arts venue. We really are a source of play for everyone.

The Gresham Little Theater prides itself in the diversity and variety of attractions it hosts. Our four annual theater productions may include Musical Theater, Melodrama, Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, and a full length children's show. We often host a Spring Break Theater Camp and Summer Theater Camp for our youth. We have a Bluegrass Music Series that goes year-round. Bohemian Cafe Night and a reading series encourage promising talent to get their feet wet. Our classes and workshops run the gamut from Belly Dance to Improv to Puppetry and Clowning. Our lobby hosts artists' work in beading, mask-making, painting, and sculpture.

​The Roundtable Members are always in search of new directors, original work, and guest artists. We have a friend in the East Metro Arts & Culture Council, a 501c3 arts organization that hosts artists' workshops and organized Gresham’s annual Art Walk. Our auditions and space welcome the entire community, since Gresham Little Theater is a place for free expression for everyone.