Alice in Wonderland Tickets
Performance Date

Gresham Little Theater

740 SE 182nd Avenue

Gresham, Oregon 97233


Join Gresham Little Theater on a visit to WONDERLAND!

May 5th, 6th, 12th, and 13th

​All Performances at 7:00pm.


$8 Adults
$6 Youth (17 & Under)

Group Tickets Available

Our Alice in Wonderland follows young Alice from a lazy summer

riverbank into the rabbit hole where she encounters Chess pieces

and Cards, a Knight and March Hare, then has tea with a Mad Hatter.

Alice gets dismissed by a sleepy Caterpillar all in hopes of befriending

a White Rabbit with a pocket watch and becoming a Queen. 


​Alice - Alexa G.
White Rabbit - Marcus Glaze
Tweedle Dum - Jasmine Jeffery
Tweedle Dee - Ella Nelson-Mahon
Mad Hatter - Jamie Stewart
March Hare/Caterpillar - Matt Styner
Duchess - Grace H.
Cook - Ava H.
Doremouse - Tatianna B.​
Mouse - Cadence L.
Queen of Hearts - Liz Kelly-Campanale
King of Hearts/Caterpillar - Brian Reed
Knave of Hearts - Wesley B.
Cheshire Cat - Tatianna B.
Red Queen - BreAnna Pehlivan

White Queen - Eva A.
Fish Footman - Tatianna B.​
Flowers - Abbygayle, Izel, Izabel, Lena
Soldiers/Cards - Lennon, Dani M.
Mock Turtle - Dani M.
Lory - Lexi R.
Dodo - Brandon B.

Production and Design Team

Directed by Michele Brouse Peoples

Assistant Director Cindy Pease

Director's Assistant Lyndin R,
Technical Direction by Jeremiah Mitchell Braeback
Stage Management by Cathryn Resnick Braeback
Scenic Design by Elisa Mask

Sound and Lighting Design by Jeremiah Mitchell Braeback

Projection Design by Elisa Mask and Jeremiah Mitchell Braeback

Make-Up Design by Cindy Pease

Set Construction by Jeremiah Mitchell Braeback, Elisa Mask, Jasmine Jeffery, and Tyler Thompson
Light Board Operation by Noah A.
Sound Board Operation by Alejandro F.
Projection Operation by Elisa Mask