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While Rat introduces her new friend Mole to a bucolic life of boating and picnics along the great River, another friend, the extravagant Mr. Toad, craves adventure in the Wide World. One encounter with the vicious animals of the Wild Wood convinces young Mole to stay close to home, but Toad sets forth from Toad Hall again and again, bringing craziness and the roads of rural England. Nothing devised by Rat, Mole and their woodland adviser, Mrs. Badger, can keep Toad out of trouble. He ends up in court, where his antics, and the wiles of the enemy weasels and Fox, reduce the Magistrate to a screaming tyrant.

Be in the audience as Toad, disguised as a washerwoman, blunders through the zaniest escape ever, creating chaos as he travels by barge, train and on horseback. See his return to the River, just in time to join Rat, Mole and Badger as they attempt to regain Toad Hall from the Wild Wood creatures who confiscated it. Wonder now, will the battle be successful if Toad is a part of it?

This version of The Wind in the Willows brings life to all of Kenneth Grahame’s beloved characters while infusing the story with a new level of goofiness. Come laugh with us in May.

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